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Blarghour Wind Farm

Site Location

The site location is shown on the following plan

What is  being proposed?

The design of the wind farm has undergone several iterations. The project initially proposed up to 22 turbines proposed.  The layout has now been fixed and consultants are working on the environmental impact assessments. A planning application has been submitted to the Energy Consents Unit of the Scottish Government for the following:

Number of turbines -  17 

Maximum height of turbines –  up to 136.5m to blade tip 

Electrical capacity - approx. 58MW

In addition to the turbines, important infrastructure such as an onsite substation, underground cables and access tracks form a key component of the proposed wind farm.

The application layout can be viewed here 

Why Blarghour?

Coriolis Energy identified the site as having potential for a wind farm for the following key reasons:

  • The area was considered likely to have a suitable wind speed
  • The site is relatively remote from local settlements and dwellings
  • Absence of statutory nationally designated areas/sites of landscape. cultural or natural heritage importance
  • Close proximity to the A819 for component deliveries
blarghour wind farm